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All of the garments are designed in London, and ethically made in Europe.

The garments are manufactured at Kamilla Production, based in Estonia. The company was established in 1994. This is a small manufacturer with decades of experience making high-quality activewear, and as they are based in Europe, the garments don't need to travel a long distance.

  • As a small slow fashion brand, we want to avoid overproduction and therefore we only order small quantities. 

  • We don't have seasonal collections. Rather we like to take time to design, develop and test our products until we're absolutely happy with the final quality.

  • There are no harmful chemicals used in production. 

  • We collect all of the production waste and use it for making new products. 

We believe in building personal partnerships with our suppliers. Since it's not always feasible for small companies to have certifications and external audits as they are expensive, we make sure to meet our manufacturers in person, ask questions and develop close relationships.


You can have a look at the manufacturer video.

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